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You have stumbled upon
the greatest moment in history.
a life changing opportunity.
a once in a lifetime event.

Find out why one single stock has generated

News Articles
Senate Hearings

Whats this about?

This website is about 1 single stock. 1 single stock that has generated at least 2 congress hearings, at least 5 movies, thousands of news articles, and hundreds of hours of news segments.

Whats the big deal?

There is history in the making and an event that has never happened before is currently in progress. This 1 single stock has the potential to be worth thousands or even millions of $ when this event is concluded.

History in the making (literally)

The one and only stock with





The only stock to be labeled an “Idiosyncratic Risk” by the U.S. Treasury & the DTCC.


Upcoming Milestone

🏆 Becoming the first company EVER in history to have all of its publicly available shares direct registered by household investors.

What happens next?

Nobody knows what will happen next. This has never happened before and there is no telling what this will do. There are plenty of theories with many suggesting the price of shares can go into the millions and a repeat similar to that of the Coca Cola Millionaires event will occur.

How is this even possible?

An event called a “short squeeze” and “the greatest transfer of wealth in history” is speculated to take place when all shares of are directly registered. The reason for this event taking place can be better explained here.

What’s the story?

GameStop was on the verge of being purposely bankrupted by individuals looking to profit off of GameStop’s demise. However, things did not go quite as planned.

Catch up on the incredible events that have transpired and are still happening by going to

Find out

How high can the stock price really go?

Infinite. Literally.

There is a theory backed by thousands of hours of independent research made by individual investors that speculate investment firms may have created millions of more shares than are supposed to exist.

These fake shares will need to be purchased at some point in time and an event called a “short squeeze” may occur. When this short squeeze occurs, the price can easily go into the thousands, millions, or technically infinite.

See video below for an explanation of how this is possible.

Be a part of history

Buy your own shares, be a part of history, and potentially change you and your family’s life forever. This free resource will help you with how to buy the stock and how to direct register in your name. (Direct Registering in your name is the most important part).

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What does the purple circle mean?

When an investor direct registers their shares with the transfer agent rather than keeping their shares with a traditional broker, a full purple ring is displayed in their account dashboard by the company’s transfer agent (Computershare). This only happens when 100% of the shares directly registered are of GameStop.


Why so mad?

Thousands of articles have been published telling people to stay away. But why?


Since when does anyone care about what investors do with their money?

Thousands (literally) of articles are being published telling people to “Forget GameStop”. There is speculation someone is really afraid of what will happen when all GameStop shares are directly registered.

Over 1.2 Billion in Cash

According to GameStop’s financial report from July 2023, there is at least 1.2 Billion in cash reserves owned by the company while most other companies are in debt.

How do these thousands of articles about GameStop failing even make sense?

For most up to date publicly available data, please see source below.

Still not sure?

The chairman of popular stock trading platform Interactive Brokers speaks on GameStop and states

“Dangerously close to the collapse of the entire system”

and “the price could have run into the thousands”

Lucky You!

Since only a small amount of people knew about this event that was about to happen but was stopped, this has given new investors like myself plenty of time to catch up on these events, purchase my own shares, and direct register them under my name.

Hands down best CEO

Mr. Cohen started and in a few years became the #1 online pet store.

As current CEO of GameStop

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“The best time to be alive in human history is now”

– Ryan Cohen, GameStop CEO

Unlike any other CEO

Over 5 movies and counting

Seriously, who the heck makes over 5 movies and counting about why this stock is either so bad or so good?

It. Just. Does. Not . Happen!

Check them out